Renovations & Additions

Every project that we complete starts with an open discussion together. This first meeting is focused on gaining a better understanding of your vision for each space, offering our recommendations, and answering any questions you may have for us. This will help us to form a clear path forward for your home renovation project.

Our focus is always on crafting spaces that work for how you live. We take the same approach to renovations as we do to our complete home builds which ensures you get access to quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and project management support. Whether you are exploring a kitchen, single floor, or complete home renovation, trust Precise Projects to create a space that fits your family. Contact us today to schedule our first meeting.

Whole Home – A Renewed Vision

Maintaining an older home can feel like a burden. We believe you deserve to walk into a home that not only looks great on the outside but is built with updated infrastructure to ensure your whole home is protected for the future. Working on homes dating back to the 19th century, we are familiar with a variety of challenges and offer modern solutions which can bring a renewed purpose and life to your family home.

Kitchens – The Heart of Your Home

A kitchen is the heart of the home — it’s the hub where you meet to prepare delicious meals and catch up with your family after a long day. That’s why it should suit your needs perfectly. Precise Projects understands just how important it is to not only create an exceptional space, but to design a kitchen that functions flawlessly for your family.

Bathrooms – A Spa Experience Within Your Home

Your bathroom is one of the most personal and highly utilized spaces in your home — it’s your place to prepare for the day, where you retreat to relax, and where you treat yourself to a home spa experience. A custom-designed bathroom can function for you and feel like the oasis you need to be able to reset yourself.

Basements – Space Tailored To Your Needs

Basements are an untapped resource when it comes to your home. Whether it’s completing an unfinished basement, renovating an existing basement, or converting existing space into a basement apartment, Precise Projects can partner with you to redesign your space and fulfill your growing needs.